FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are Paint by Number kits?

Painting by numbers is a fun, meditative, and totally Instagrammable craft.  Your kit from Easy Artiste will come with everything you need to get started. All you do is fill in pre-numbered areas on a canvas with specific colors of paint. 

What will my Easy Artiste kit include?

Each Easy Artiste kit comes with a high-quality, preprinted linen canvas, three paintbrushes (small, medium & large), and approximately 24 water-based, non-toxic acrylic paints. 

No mixing is required to create the right colors.  Sometimes a kit will include more than one capsule of a particular paint color if the painting requires extra.  We provide plenty of paint to complete your masterpiece. 

What is your shipping policy?

Because our paints are mixed to order and the canvases are printed post purchase, it can take up to 30 days to receive your kit.  We know this may be longer than you are used to, and so we are proud to offer 100% FREE SHIPPING. 

I have no artistic talent. Is Paint by Number hard?

Painting by number is extremely simple.  Just match the numbered sections on the canvas to your pre-mixed paint capsules.  Depending on how fast you paint, it can take just a couple of days to several weeks to complete your painting.  

How should I prepare my workspace?

Pick a well-lit part of your home and unroll your canvas. Place it on a flat surface and grab a cup of water and some paper towels. You're ready to get painting!

How should I care for my paint brushes?

Remember what your art teacher told you as a kid! Make sure to thoroughly wash your brushes between each use.  Easy Artiste recommends dabbing them dry with a paper towel before switching colors.  Never let your brushes sit overnight in water.  If a brush is particularly dirty, you can add a drop of mild soap to make it easier to clean. 

How should I care for my paint capsules?

Our acrylic paints are non-toxic and better for the environment than oil alternatives.  If your paint seems to thick, simply add a few drops of water and stir the capsule with a toothpick.  

Between uses, seal the capsules tightly by closing the lid.  

What happens if I make a mistake?

We recommend putting down a sheet of newspaper to protect your work surface before painting.  If you paint the wrong area or go outside the lines, don't stress! Simply wait a few minutes for the paint to dry and go over the error with a fresh coat of the correct color.  Sometimes it takes a couple coats of paint to completely cover the lines and numbers - it's smart to wait for the first layer to dry before repainting.  

What if I'm not satisfied with my Easy Artiste kit?

We are deeply committed to making sure you have a great experience with paint by number, and with our company.  If you are not satisfied FOR ANY REASON, please reach out via email, Instagram, or Facebook to share your feedback.  We offer a satisfaction guaranteed refund in the event we aren't able to solve your problem. 

Free shipping

Our canvases are printed to order. Most kits take 10-15 days to arrive on your doorstep.

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Satisfaction guaranteed

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we will offer a full refund within 30 days of purchase.